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Dental implants Telford, Why dental implants are getting so popular?

Why dental implants are getting so popular?

In the UK dental implants have recently become an popular choice for replacing missing teeth. Dentists routinely advise patients about the availability of implant treatment as well as other options such as bridgework and dentures. Indeed It is very likely that the number of implants will grow sharply here in the next few years.

Despite this trend, it is still surprising to note that the UK is only 9th place in Europe with respect to the number of implants placed per 10K people. We are not only behind Switzerland, Sweden and Germany but the numbers for the UK are 10 times lower than that for Italy and are on the same level as Russia.

Implants Per 10k

2011 data; Straumann estimates, based on OECD, various statistics offices and Millennium Research Group

Perhaps the lower number of dental implants placed in the UK can be explained by the fact that many patients have NHS treatments and the NHS does not provide dental implants in everyday primary care.

But let’s forget politics, the NHS, and national stereotypes and look closer at why dental implants are so popular.

  • People are conscious about their appearance and it is no longer acceptable to have a gap between teeth. This perhaps the most driven reason for implants.
  • It is also very hard to justify preparing sound teeth to make bridgework. Thanks to dental implants we can now avoid interfering with those teeth.
  • Most patients particularly want to avoid traditional removable dentures as they can be uncomfortable and take up a lot of space in the mouth. Dental implants are fixed and are the size of a natural tooth. However it should be mentioned that implants are now regularly used to retain and stabilise loose dentures.

The restoration that it is closest to our own tooth is the dental implant. It feels like and resembles a natural tooth in size and shape. The titanium screw acts as the root of the tooth and a ceramic crown on top provides what was the visible part of a natural tooth.

Dental implants are now very predictable and successful. Research shows that about 98% continue to stay in the mouth 10 years after placement.

I hope that above faq is of interest. Of course if you want to know more and consider treatment with dental implants in Wolverhampton, Telford or Shrewsbury. Please call our dental practice on Telford 460119.

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