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Invisible Braces – Our Smile Of The Month

Many of us are unhappy about the alignment of our teeth – according to a survey carried out by The American Association of Dentists, 85% of adults seeking orthodontic treatment do so to straighten their teeth. If you didn’t have braces as a teen then you may feel you missed your opportunity. Often, the change needed seems so minor that you think it’s not worth having a full set of orthodontic braces for a year or two (or worth the cost), even though it would boost your self-esteem massively to have straight teeth.

For both of these situations, ‘invisible braces’ are the perfect solution. They can be used for a short time, such as just 6 months, and the braces are transparent or tooth coloured. This means that their appearance is subtle and you can quickly achieve your perfect smile.

Our smile of the month is a patient who was concerned about her smile and the straightness of her teeth. We recommended a short 6 month orthodontic treatment to straighten her misaligned teeth – the invisible brace.


(Click on the image to reveal what they looked like after treatment!)

As you can see, the treatment was a success and patient and dentist were very happy with the outcome. The change that can happen in just 6 months is dramatic and shows how easy it really is to get the perfect smile!

Many people know this treatment by the name of Invisalign or Cfast, and its popularity has increased dramatically in the last 5 years as adults have become aware of a more subtle way to get their dream teeth. 14% of adults seeking orthodontic treatment didn’t want to wear braces as a teenager, and 15% had previously not been aware of discreet braces such as the above. This style of brace is an excellent solution to improve the appearance of crowded, rotated teeth and reduce gaps!

If you’re interested in having invisible braces, we recommend booking a consultation with Katherine, our lovely treatment co-ordinator, to talk through your needs and work out the best treatment for you.

We are perfectly situated in Shropshire for both Telford and Wolverhampton, just five minutes from Junction 4 of the M54. We also provide free car parking, and we’re just a minutes’ walk from Shifnal train station!

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