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Teeth Whitening Popularity: United States vs United Kingdom

The UK and US have a lot in common. Both countries have English as their main language and also share similar cultures. We watch many of the same TV shows and films and also listen to a lot of the same music.

There are, of course, also differences. London and Washington are on different continents, separated by over 3000 miles of sea and land; Britain uses the Pound, while America uses the Dollar, and the US decided a few hundred years ago that they didn’t want our monarch ruling over them!

We decided to take a look to see if there would be similarities between Britain and America when it came to teeth whitening. There has been an explosion in popularity and demand for whiter teeth in the UK but has the US experienced the same trend?

UK Teeth Whitening

UK ‘Teeth Whitening’ Popularity on Google


Our first graph (right) shows a clear increase over the past few years in the popularity of teeth whitening in the UK. This data, taken from Google Trends, shows a clear increase in the number of people searching Google for the phrase ‘teeth whitening’. This boost in the number of searches began in 2011 and looks set to rise further in 2016.



US Teeth Whitening

US ‘Teeth Whitening’ Popularity on Google

In contrast, the US graph (left) shows that there was an increase in popularity two years earlier, toward the end of 2009. This was followed by a dip and then another increase in searches, starting around 2011 – but the year on year increase, as seen in the British data, does not seem to have happened.

Given that the UK population is around 64 million and the US population is almost 320 million how do the countries compare in the number of Google searches for teeth whitening?


Interestingly, Americans make about 74,000 searches per month for the term ‘teeth whitening’ while the British also make around the same number of searches.


Teeth Whitening Kit UK Google Searches

‘Teeth Whitening Kit’ – UK Google Searches

Teeth Whitening Kit US Google Searches

‘Teeth Whitening Kit’ – US Google Searches

What about teeth whitening kits? Kits to whiten teeth at home have been around for years now and more and more people seem to be opting for them. For this search term, there are around 14,800 searches a month in the UK – but the US make only around 1,900.

Looking at the graphs (left) it looks like the US may catch up if the recent surge in popularity continues.

It looks like teeth whitening is popular in both nations but the British are outdoing their American cousins when it comes to brightening their smile. Is it because teeth are already white enough in the US or are Brits just more serious about improving theirs? Perhaps Americans are less likely to search for teeth whitening and more likely to ask their dentist?

Lots of Brits opt for the NHS – so maybe we are more likely to turn to the internet to find help for something which is considered to be more in the realm of private dentistry…

To learn more about teeth whitening and the services we offer, please see our Teeth Whitening page.

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