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What Is Air Polishing?

Air polishing is a quick and effective stain removal solution, developed by Dr Robert Black.

Staining on teeth is very common, with modern day diets including tea, coffee, red wine or curry that can lead to discolouration over time. Another key factor in the staining of your teeth is whether you smoke – smoking is infamous for leaving a yellowish tinge to teeth.

The procedure uses a fine jet of pressurised air, water and fine particles to gentle remove stubborn stains, and get in hard to reach places.

Why Choose Air Polishing?

The traditional stain removal techniques include the infamous ‘scrape and polish’ – that can lead to discomfort -, or using ultrasonic pumice based paste, and silicone polishers with polishing strips. These methods are time consuming and often ineffective at getting between teeth. As well as this, it is unsuitable for people with sensitive teeth.
Air polishing is a much more gentle technique, and is safe for teeth and gums. It is often recommended before professional whitening to maximise the result. As well as using air polishing for the cosmetic benefits, using it to remove dental plaque can also help reduce the risk of periodontal diseases and remove hidden bacteria.

Using a small mobile hand piece, your dentist or hygienist will be able to give you squeaky clean teeth in just a matter of minutes, and the treatment is suitable for those with sensitive teeth or gum as there is no heat or vibration, and the tool doesn’t directly touch the teeth.
Air polishing is the ideal painless solution for a brightened smile, and is also a great procedure for before or after orthodontic treatment, to ensure your teeth feel as clean as possible and make the most of your lovely straight teeth!
The treatment doesn’t need to be prescribed by a dentist, and any patient can visit our hygienists without prior visit to a dentist. Also, air polishing is safe to use with crowns, bridges, veneers and dental implants.
Here’s an example from one of our own patients – a lovely lady who had bad staining on her teeth, which made her self-conscious when talking and smiling. One trip to our hygienist Karen, using air polishing, has helped her regain her confidence and given her a much improved smile.


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