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Do You Really Know The Importance of Your Teeth?


Teeth… What do you do with your teeth? It’s obvious, right? You chew, bite and rip open a packet that your hands just aren’t capable of. But why overlook all the little things they do? Your teeth really do equate to a happy and healthy life. Our teeth play a vital part in our lives which is easy to overlook. This could be a contributing factor to the complacency some people have with the general upkeep of their teeth, as the real importance of our teeth may never have been pointed out to us before…

We only see the true positives of things when we lose them. Losing your teeth is something that no one wants to happen. It can cost you what seems endless amounts of money, serious pain and other problems people don’t think about when they “forget” to brush.


Starting off with the most obvious function, eating. The food we put in our mouth is ground down so the nutrients in the food can be easily digested. By breaking the food down into smaller pieces, we are increasing its surface area. This means the acids in our stomach and enzymes in our saliva find it easier to digest and extract the nutrients. Digestive disorders are often linked to losing teeth –It may sound bizarre but they really are! If you were to lose your teeth and not replace them, the food you eat may not be broken down enough to get the suitable nutrients from it. This can result in illnesses such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, IBD and IBS.

Physical Appearance

Think of your teeth as cement in a wall. The cement keeps everything together, but when it goes, the foundations left are not stable and the bricks begin to cave in.

Your teeth give you facial support. Without them your facial tissues are not supported, therefore your face will begin to show signs of wrinkles due to the tissues “sinking” into the mouth. So effectively, teeth are the essence of youth and we should do as much as possible to keep the youthful look on our face, right?

Social Problems

We can’t get away from the fact that our teeth are a major part of everyday life. They play a huge part in the way we speak as well. We have evolved to use our teeth for speech and so losing that necessity means we no longer have the ability to make certain sounds, meaning our speech becomes warped, which could really affect our social presence. This could lead to a loss of confidence over time as it becomes frustrating to seem different by not being able to express ourselves as clearly. The way we appear to others affects how we are judged by them, from clothing to how our hair looks. The BBC wanted to prove that people’s perceptions of others change based on their teeth. They were correct…

In a documentary called ‘The Truth About Your Teeth’, Dr Chris Van Tulleken went to the public asking simple questions about 3 different pictures. These three pictures were the same person but with different teeth and the results were staggering and really put things into perspective.

Watch the video here


Often people who have problems visually with their teeth have lower self-esteem and feel unhappier than those without problems. It’s sad that something so small can affect someone’s quality of life, but that’s what teeth do. They give us confidence if they’re good and can really knock us if they’re not. Something as small as losing a few teeth can have major influences on our day to day life and can emotionally impact us. We don’t thank our teeth enough for what they do. They play a huge part in our lives and it’s time to recognise that.

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