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Why go to your dentist for facial rejuvenation treatment?

You may expect to have to go to your beauty salon or specialist clinic for dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. However, did you know you can also get these kinds of cosmetic procedures at your local dentist too?

A growing number of dentists, including Shifnal Dental Care are now offering facial rejuvenation treatments. If you’ve not considered visiting your dentist for your next Botox treatment, here’s why you should…

Dentists are professionally trained in facial anatomy.

Your dentist is medically trained and has a strong knowledge of the oral and maxillofacial areas.  A dentist spends many years studying facial anatomy and are experienced in injecting anaesthetics in the same areas treated with Botox and dermal fillers.

Many patients who receive cosmetic treatments report that injections performed by dentists are quicker and less painful than injections performed by other healthcare professionals.

Complications can happen when you go to someone who isn’t professionally trained.

Botox can have potential complications if not done by a professional, especially if you’re undergoing treatment with a non-licensed professional. Only a licensed, trained medical professional can administer the injections, so always do your research beforehand. If you don’t you face the risk that the procedure could go wrong.

You already have an established relationship with your dentist.

In many cases, the same dentist you visit twice a year for your oral check-ups can carry out your facial rejuvenation treatments as well. This means you already know and have built a relationship with the person who will be the provider of the treatment. If you went to seek these procedures elsewhere, it is likely you will be referred to a specialist dermatologist or doctor who focuses on cosmetic treatment. That means paying specialists prices and visiting a doctor who you don’t know.

Botox can help with dental treatment

Botox isn’t necessarily just a cosmetic procedure. There are also various reasons you might choose to have it for your dental or oral health. For example, if you wear dentures it can help you adjust to new ones.

Botox can be used to treat high lip lines in dentistry and in some orthodontic cases, it’s useful for helping to retrain facial muscles too. It can also help patients who experience TMJ discomfort, which causes pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles.

If you would like more information about the cosmetic treatment we carry out at Shifnal Dental Care, please visit our Facial Rejuvenation page. Or to enquire about having the treatments, call 01952 460119 or fill in our online contact form.

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