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Laura’s Invisalign Diary: Month 6

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, but don’t like the idea of having fixed braces, then Invisalign may be the perfect solution for you.

Laura, one of our current patients, is keeping a diary about her journey to achieving straighter teeth. Read about her Invisalign experience today!

Month 6: Start of December

This month my Invisaligns sets really hurt , probably because they were a bigger change to my teeth compared to all the previous sets. I wore each set longer then I usually do so that my teeth would eventually become accustomed to the shape and after the first week they didn’t hurt at all , however they  hurt so much the first few days that I had to keep taking them out . If I were to explain how they felt then I would say imagine that your teeth are being tightened really bad and pulled up into your gums but even though they hurt so much the pain only lasted a few days so it wasn’t too bad. What I did find really strange was all the other times certain sets would be quite painful my teeth would ache when I ate hard food ,so I would have to eat softer foods for that week  , however this time they wouldn’t hurt at all so I ate whatever I wanted and I couldn’t understand why because the sets from this month hurt just as bad if not worse as the other ones.

This month was I think the first time where I could actually see the difference in my teeth because before now I could tell my teeth have changed by trying on previous sets and them not fitting but now when I look at the mirror I can see how the gaps in between my teeth have changed and the shapes of some of my teeth are also different so I was very happy with that. However nothing much apart from that has happened this month and if you were wondering, I still take my invisaligns out for sport because I find it hard to breathe with them in after a while because when I’m really tired and gasping for air they sometimes get in the way and I will have to take them out.

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