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Laura’s Invisalign Diary: Month 8

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, but don’t like the idea of having fixed braces, then Invisalign may be the perfect solution for you.

Laura, one of our current patients, is keeping a diary about her journey to achieving straighter teeth. Read about her Invisalign experience today!

Month 8: Start Of February

Just in case you would like to know I am now on my 15 set of aligners so I’m pretty far in now! I was incredibly lucky because when I came back from my two-week holiday, I found that by some miracle my top aligner (that didn’t originally fit onto my teeth at all) suddenly went in no problem! This meant I didn’t have to go to the dentist and have more impressions taken.

I have no idea why they suddenly fit, maybe during those two weeks my teeth did actually change somehow in the correct directions so now I can carry on with my Invisalign! I have been changing sets as usual, school has started again – so yes, I am wearing my aligners to school. I just take them out at lunch or break when I need to eat something. As far as sport goes, I couldn’t participate in any activities and won’t be able to for the next three weeks. This is because I have severely sprained my ankle and tore a ligament during a handball session, so now I’m not having to take my aligners out for these lessons, meaning that I’m wearing them more. This is a good thing because now I will hopefully be able to move onto the next set faster.

I have started to begin getting compliments from others that my teeth look much straighter and so I am really pleased, and it must mean that the Invisalign treatment is showing some actual clear changes for others to see. The aligners haven’t hurt at all this month and I did make sure to ask my dentist for more of the chewies to help me and it seems to be working. (food wise no change because I don’t feel a difference, so this has overall been a good month with my Invisalign 😊)

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