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  • Dentists in Telford advise: Why are we losing teeth ? – Accidents

    As mentioned in previous blog, damage and premature tooth loss can often occur through trauma. Sports injuries are sadly fairly common; particularly with contact sports such as rugby, football and hockey to name a few. Equally, damage due to tooth clenching and grinding (Bruxism) is a common phenomenon in these stressful times and can require special management. Below are a few tips on how to minimize tooth damage and loss through accidents and…

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  • Dentists in Telford advise: Why are we losing teeth? – Problem with Gums

    These days tooth loss, due to the ravages of decay, is experienced less and less at our Practice Hopefully, we believe, those days have gone for good. Regrettably it is gum disease and trauma that appear to be our main causes of tooth loss and need for teeth replacement with dental implants, dentures or bridges. I shall deal with accidental tooth loss in later in the blog but here concentrate on gum related problems. In simple terms,…

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