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01952 460119Park Street, Shifnal, Shropshire, Near Telford, TF11 9BG

Promises and Expectations

ExpectationsOur aims

Fulfilling these aims is a source of great satisfaction for our team:

  1. Get to know you – your expectations and desires.
  2. Make you feel healthy, confident and happy.
  3. Provide the highest quality of patient care and treatment.
  4. Give you a beautiful smile.
  5. Quickly remove any pain and discomfort.

We will:

  1. Listen to your concerns in a relaxed atmosphere at our dental practice
  2. We will tell you in advance any costs and we will always do our very best for you.
  3. Be sympathetic and promptly deal with your needs
  4. Bring your children for childrens day and we promise you a fun day in a relaxed way to introduce and lay down the foundations for a stress free future for your childs dental care. (we are renown for our balloon making skills)
  5. Constantly invest in improving our service, facilities, skills and technology

We ask you to:

  1. Follow our advice with regular appointments and general hygiene information
  2. Arrive on time  at the dental practice for appointments and give us plenty of notice if you need to rearrange your visit
  3. Help our practice grow with recommendations
  4. Share and concerns or queries with us
  5. Pay for treatments and sundries when requested – all methods of payment are accepted and a membership scheme is available for those who would like to spread the cost.

June 05 2020 Update – Reopening Soon!

We are excited to be preparing for our return to the practice as soon as possible after the 8th June.  We know it is important to keep our patients as informed as possible and we wanted to let you know there will be some slight changes in your visits during the next few months.

Shifnal Dental Care has always adhered to the rigorous cross infection procedures set out by the governing bodies and all of our team members are highly trained in all aspects of cross infection control.  However, there are some additional Covid-19 procedures to follow and one of these is the social distancing rules that we have all become used to over the last couple of months.

You will receive information  before your appointment, this may be via email or via the post or a telephone conversation this will include some details you will need to complete before attending.  This will help us to continue to keep our patients and teams safe.

Things to know about your next appointment:

  • Before leaving home please remember to brush your teeth, use the toilet and wash your hands for 20 seconds before leaving.
  • Please bring the minimal number of belongings with you.
  • Please phone us once you have arrived in the carpark.
  • Please wait in your car or by the door and we will call you in as soon as possible.
  • Please attend unaccompanied unless you require a carer or parent.
  • On entry into the practice – we will have a welcome point and a member of our team will take your temperature, ask you to sanitise your hands.
  • In the surgery , we will be wearing full PPE- please do not be worried it is still us!
  • Before you leave the surgery we will ask you to sanitise your hands.
  • When you leave the surgery we will begin the disinfection and sterilisation process of the surgery.
  • Payments and future bookings will be organised at reception keeping within the social distancing rules.
  • On leaving the premises we will ask you to sanitise your hands and we will look forward to seeing you again!

We hope you understand that this is for everyone’s safety and we would appreciate your patience and cooperation as we negotiate these difficult times.