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01952 46011911 Market Place, Shifnal TF11 9AU

New Patients

Your First Appointment at Shifnal Dental Care

Our treatment co-ordinator Katherine is an extremely knowledgeable and friendly team member – she can talk you through all the options available and show you results that we have achieved for patients in a similar situation as yourself while having a coffee and a chat.

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“Hi my name is Katherine. As a Treatment Co-ordinator I will be your personal contact at the practice. Your initial consultation is free and usually lasts around half an hour. After a tour of our dental practice and introducing you to our team we shall begin your consultation, where you can discuss what you would like and any concerns you may have over a coffee. I will help you understand the treatment and make sure you’re confident and happy with all procedures, and of course to help make the right decision for you financially and clinically. At the end of your consultation I will help you arrange a convenient time for you to come and see the dentist at the practice. If after any of your appointments you have any further concerns you can always come back to see me or if easier just give me a call.”

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