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A Guide to Aftercare: How to Take Care of Your New Filling

The fourth part of our aftercare series looks at the common dental procedure, tooth fillings, and how to take care of them after the treatment.

For a short while after receiving a filling, the affected tooth and the area surrounding it can become very sensitive. On the other hand, white composite fillings set almost straight away so you won’t have to be as careful primarily, however, white fillings do require more long-term care.

Here, we have provided our best top tips for looking after your dental fillings.

Top Tips for Looking for Looking After Your New Filling

  1. We advise our patients to avoid food and drink until the anaesthetic wears off as you may end up biting the side of your cheek or cracking the filling.
  2. Make sure that you take full care of your fillings by brushing and flossing every day and after meals when you can – this will prevent staining and further damages.
  3. Eating a lot of strongly coloured foods and smoking tobacco products regularly can cause white fillings to become stained, therefore consuming these should not be done excessively.
  4. Don’t consume too much sugar as this will increase the likelihood of needing more fillings, and it could cause decay around the current filling.
  5. It is normal to feel some sensitivity in the affected area, so you should avoid hard and sticky foods which could increase the sensitivity.
  6. Make sure that you get regular check-ups at the dentist to make sure that your filling is still strong and in place.

At Shifnal Dental Care, we provide white fillings as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Our dentists can also replace silver amalgam fillings with tooth coloured fillings. To arrange a consultation, call 01952 460119 or use our online booking system.

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