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Laura’s Invisalign Diary: Month 11

Yes, the country is still in lockdown so I have not been to the dentist at all this month either, my teeth are doing fine and I have only 2 more sets to go! (that is if I don’t need any more corrections that might be made, but I’ll have to find out that once I see my dentist again)

I still hope everyone is keeping safe with social distancing in their minds and I also would like to give out my sympathies to anyone who is or has a relative suffering from this global pandemic.

All the set changes this month have been smooth and they haven’t hurt at all, my teeth are straightening out nicely and  I am very happy with the results so I would just like to say that I fully recommend these to anyone who wishes to have their teeth straightened without having wires wrapped around their teeth.

My life in lockdown is pretty much the same every day and try to do five lessons worth of work that has been given to me online. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and I always go on a walk with my dog Mars every day. When I finish my work for the day I will either talk to my friends on facetime or I’ll reorganise my room for the hundredth time. Honestly, I am bored after these two months of not being in school but I know it is for the better so we can try and stop the virus spreading any more than it has already. School wise I miss everything: I even miss just being in lessons because even though most subjects are going fine I’m finding it hard to teach myself work. Especially my maths work that I was given a few weeks ago because even after I emailed my teacher for help on the work I still had to ask my dad to help me. Other subjects have been going fine I think it just depends what subject work you are doing because there are some subjects that are easy to teach yourself like art and geography,  but others that are extremely difficult.

I wish I could say more but my day has been extremely repetitive this month so there is not much more to say, again I hope everyone is keeping safe.

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